You’re really lucky if you get the chance to study with Mike…  Why settle for a good teacher when you can have an outstanding one? I have studied music with Mike for several years. Having had many teachers so far in my life, I can confidently say he stands head and shoulders above the rest. He creates a learning environment for his students within which we are able to blossom and thrive. He appreciates wherever his students are in their music studies at any one time and yet also has a keen awareness of where they want to be. What Mike does so well is help the student to see what can be done to get there. Mike is an inspiring teacher, with a phenomenal amount of knowledge to share. His patience is something I have been particularly grateful for.  Lucky you if you get to become one of his students.  Sue Frisby

Having been lucky enough to attend a music tech course run by Dr Mike Hewitt, I then took the plunge and started my music theory lessons with Mike last year.

He’s the teacher I never had, and I consider myself very lucky to call him my tutor. He’s managed to get the best out of me and pushed me further than I ever thought imaginable, reaching goals I thought were way out of my reach.

Dafydd Jones  Composer, music producer and guitar/drums tutor.

Pushed beyond my comfort zone with great humour…   When Mike first became my tutor, I was returning to adult education for the first time in 30 years. I didn’t even know how to switch on a Mac, so going to University was not even on my radar! He would push me beyond my comfort zone in a disarming way and with a great sense of humour. I completed my foundation course with a distinction and a Cd which is still selling. In 2017, I graduated from University with a 1st in composition, witnessing a lifetime dream of a live orchestra performing my work. I do feel that Mike’s patience and particular ability to encourage and see people’s potential is invaluable. His realistic approach and attention to detail, (particularly the subject of ‘copyrighting’) is excruciatingly frustrating but really necessary for this business. Thank you Mike for all your help!!  Lauren Leigh

An excellent teacher and communicator…   My name is Wyn Rimmer and I am a qualified adult education tutor. 15 years ago I studied music tech under Dr Hewitt. More recently for the last 6 years, I have had the pleasure of working along side Mike. I would say he is an excellent teacher/ communicator, who possesses a vast range of knowledge in all aspects of the musical arts.

Inspirational...  I highly recommend Mike Hewitt. He’s a respected and inspirational tutor. Denise Bevington

John Walls Best teacher I’ve ever had!!

One of the best educators ever...   Michael Hewitt is without a doubt one the best educators I have ever had the good fortune to be under the tutelage of. He will always have an answer to your questions. He always thinks before answering and articulates in easy to follow ways. A man with a real passion for all music and a person I will always hold in the highest regard. A massive influence. Thanks for the knowledge Mike!   Josh Evans

Compassionate and inspirational…   Dr Mike Hewitt is an inspirational teacher. I am one of his former students on the Coleg Harlech University of Wales Music Technology course. He fuses a great knowledge of music and the liberal arts with compassionate and motivational teaching methods which I think are a key to unlocking the potential of many more learners. Dr Hewitt succeeds in instilling positive change and empowering the lives of all his learners, including many of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Not only does he bring out the best in people, but his visionary qualities can reinvigorate education provision in the 21st Century and beyond. Ronnie Parry, Guitar tutor PGCE, BA (Hons)